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Schwejk Josef hat geschrieben:[Aber immerhin brachte er, wie man sieht, WILD BILLY CHILDISH, jedoch finde ich die aufgeführten Tracks nicht auf YouTube.

WILD BEASTS Minimum Maximum 7B29 10.11.1979
WILD BILLY CHILDISH Quarter After Nine O412A2 10.02.1990
WILD BILLY CHILDISH I'm Off The Hook O407A6 06.01.1990
WILD BILLY CHILDISH & BIG RUSS WILKINS We Are What We Own 327B37 03.07.1987
WILD BOYS Lorraine 38B39 05.07.1980

Billy Childish hatte viele Bands nach den Pop Rivets: Milkshakes, Headcoats, Mighty Cesars, Buff Medways, CTFM und noch einige mehr.

Er steckte auch hinter der Girlgroup Thee Headcoatees, von denen ich mir gestern u.a. eine CD bestellt habe:


So, und jetzt bin ich für's Erste wieder weg Bild

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iPeels des Tages - Beginn der Show vom 17.07.1997, vor kurzem von Carsten Berlin hochgeladen:

"Howdy pardners, it's another John Peel's Music On BFBS, and in the programme this week, we start with a golden gasser from..." :
• Dick Dale: 'Ooh-Whee Marie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kYaLc6fzX4
• Chris C: (Ersatztitel): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSe6i59VrQs
• Half Man Half Biscuit: 'P.R.S. Yearbook - Quick The Drawbridge : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Te_Iw2JBdg

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iPeels des Tages (Auszug aus der Show vom 06.12.1980):

• Disorder: 1984
• Sad Among Strangers: Here Come The Caesars
• Big Hair: Puppet On A String (Sandie Shaw Cover)
• Fall: Impression Of J. Temperance


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Herr Schwejk öffnet seinen Schallplattenschrank:


https://www.discogs.com/Detlef-Diederic ... se/1751523

Nur dies auf YouTube:
Pissnelke 2000+Knastbrüder Erinnern Sich: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7gEz_tzW-I

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Abo-Peel des Tages:

John Peel's Galactic Symposium - Money
John Peel playing a 1979 record from Galactic Symposium doing a cover of Pink Floyd's Money, broadcast on 8th July 1999 from BBC Radio One.

"This next is a little gem from 1978. I'd like to pretend that somebody had requested it: I could say, "This one's for Lance-Bombardier Johnson", I'd be making it up, let's be honest, but nevertheless, it's a record which is well worth hearing every once in a while."
(JP: 20.02.1980 on BFBS):

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Herr Schwejk öffnet seinen Schallplattenschrank (und seine Peel-Datei):


MONOCONICS Exit Stage Left 65B21 11.01.1981
MONOCONICS Sensible Breakdown 61B62 13.12.1980
MONOCONICS Exit Stage Left 60A01 06.12.1980
MONOSHOCK Nobody Recovery 621A09 23.07.1994



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"King of the Surf Guitar": Dick Dale ist tot

Er gilt als Erfinder des Surf-Sounds: Dick Dale wurde in den Sechzigern bekannt, sein Song "Misirlou" wurde durch "Pulp Fiction" Jahrzehnte später wieder populär. Nun ist der "King of the Surf Guitar" mit 81 Jahren gestorben.

http://www.spiegel.de/kultur/musik/dick ... 58329.html

DICEMAN Quad wiki14 21.06.1991
DICEMAN Quad 478A13 14.06.1991
DICK DALE Misirlou 152B52 15.09.1982
DICK DALE The Eliminator 584B08 09.10.1993
DICK DALE King Of The Surf Guitar O377A4 31.05.1989
DICK DALE Trail Of Tears 585A13 16.10.1993
DICK DALE From: Tribal Thunder 583B11 02.10.1993
DICK DALE Misirlou 599B04 19.02.1994
DICK DALE Nitro 581B09 18.09.1993
DICK DALE & HIS DEL-TONES Jungle Fever 639B15 26.11.1994
DICK DALE AND THE DELTONS Night Rider O408B4 13.01.1990
DICKHEADS (S)he Loves You 39A57 12.07.1980


Aus John Peel's List: "Twelve Best Gigs":
3. Dick Dale in Islington


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Links To Peel

Peel became a huge fan of Dick Dale after seeing the guitarist at The Garage in London in March 1995. He recalled the experience soon afterwards on the TV programme Ten Of The Best:
"Dick played a blinder. I mean, he still cares about it. And he got stuck in, and I just went berserk, I have to admit. I went down to the front, I was covering everybody in beer, and dancing – which is something I don’t do easily – and shouting at him between numbers. It was just marvellous."

After introducing himself to Dale backstage, Peel arranged what would be the first of five sessions by the guitarist for his show. At the end of 1995, the unrestrained enthusiasm of the DJ helped Dale become the oldest artist ever to chalk up a Festive Fifty entry, a record he renewed a year later.[1] For Radio 4 listeners, the guitarist’s 'Let's Go Trippin' became familiar as the theme tune of Peel’s Home Truths show, which started in April 1998. In September 2000, Dale shared the bill with the Fall at a special ‘Peel Sessions Live’ event at London’s Royal Festival Hall.
Dick Dale - Misirlou (Jools Holland)-

In earlier decades, Peel hadn’t counted Dale among his favourites, despite living in America when the guitarist was enjoying his greatest chart success. However, the passage of time obviously painted him in a rosier hue:
"He was almost the only person that existed in California when I lived there in 1960: the man who single-handedly virtually invented a genre."

Unlike others of his generation, the veteran king of surf guitar was able to offer something musically to Peel in a new era and from then on the DJ always held him in the very highest regard. On 02 October 2001, Peel learned that Dale would be opening for Clinic at some shows on the US west coast:
"Has the world gone mad? There's Dick Dale, one of the world's most important artistes, opening for Clinic. I'd say more like Elton John, Paul McCartney opening for Dick Dale really would make more sense to me."

The final time Dale was to feature on the Peel show was 22 April 2004 when the guitarist's fifth session was broadcast. Peel commented:
"If you were making a list of the great surf guitar players, Dick Dale would fill the first 10 places at least."

In 2012, seven Dick Dale LPs were found in Peel's record collection when TheSpace and JohnPeelArchive websites released details of the first 100 albums by artists beginning D, along with a short video D Is For Dick Dale.