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Re: Test (um mal was auszuprobieren)

Do 18. Aug 2016, 13:40

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      Re: Test (um mal was auszuprobieren)

      Mo 24. Jul 2017, 12:21

      iPeels tausender Tage, wobei ich aus vielleicht nachvollziehbaren Gründen auf eine Verlinkung verzichte: ;-)


      FAK Broken Hearts G75B23 22.03.1981
      FALL Middle Class Revolt - Drum Club Remix 637B01 12.11.1994
      FALL Psykick Dancehall 632A13 08.10.1994
      FALL I'm Frank wiki13 26.11.1994
      FALL And Therein... 638A12 19.11.1994
      FALL Muzorewi's Daughter 633B10 15.10.1994
      FALL Paintwork 283A60 05.10.1985
      FALL Muzorewi`s Daughter 272B60 05.05.1985
      FALL Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul 110A60 22.11.1981
      FALL Fit And Working Again 79A01 23.04.1981
      FALL Fortress/Deer Park 125B50 07.03.1982
      FALL Leave The Capital 78B53 11.04.1981
      FALL Gramme Friday 61B48 13.12.1980
      FALL Spoilt Victorian Child 305A60 16.08.1986
      FALL Pay Your Rates 59A28 29.11.1980
      FALL The Man Whose Head Expanded 194B59 06.07.1983
      FALL Fiery Jack 239A52 16.05.1984
      FALL Psycho Mafia 68A01 05.02.1981
      FALL An Older Lover Etc. 86B49 07.06.1981
      FALL The Container Drivers 71B60 22.02.1981
      FALL Prole Art Threat 82B02 10.05.1981
      FALL Bombast 282B58 03.10.1985
      FALL Lay Of The Land 258A01 14.10.1984
      FALL Hot Aftershave Bop 303A51 23.07.1986
      FALL Solicitor In Studio 154B59 29.09.1982
      FALL The Container Drivers 62A41 20.12.1980
      FALL Bournemouth Runner 309A35 12.10.1986
      FALL Printhead 233A62 31.03.1984
      FALL New Fiend 255A14 16.09.1984
      FALL Lie Dream Of A Casino Dream 204A49 10.09.1983
      FALL Eat Y`self Fitter 209B02 15.10.1983
      FALL The Container Drivers 180B39 27.03.1983
      FALL Rowche Rumble 21B32 08.03.1980
      FALL 2 By 4 300A01 07.06.1986
      FALL Fortress/Deer Park 128A58 28.03.1982
      FALL Middle Mass 78A43 11.04.1981
      FALL The Impression Of J. Temperance 198A52 31.07.1983
      FALL Look, Know 132B01 25.04.1982
      FALL Look, Know 150A51 01.09.1982
      FALL Fiery Jack 265A14 21.01.1985
      FALL Rowche Rumble 2A32 25.08.1979
      FALL The Container Drivers 60A36 06.12.1980
      FALL Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul 109B29 15.11.1981
      FALL 2 By 4 292A06 15.02.1986
      FALL The Container Drivers 69B46 08.02.1981
      FALL In My Area 1B55 18.08.1979
      FALL Fiery Jack 17A18 09.02.1980
      FALL Kicker Conspiracy 284B36 26.10.1985
      FALL Living Too Late 304A37 02.08.1986
      FALL Room To Live 175A59 20.02.1983
      FALL New Face In Hell 178A42 16.03.1983
      FALL Your Heart Out 247B47 07.07.1984
      FALL Copped It 255B31 16.09.1984
      FALL Kicker Conspiracy 206B59 24.09.1983
      FALL Rowche Rumble 303B33 26.07.1986
      FALL Cruiser`s Creek 284A04 19.10.1985
      FALL Prole Art Threat 79B19 23.04.1981
      FALL Rome Of Dust 308A04 27.09.1986
      FALL The Man Whose Head Expanded (Live) 274A42 26.05.1985
      FALL Wings 206B21 24.09.1983
      FALL Rowche Rumble 1B08 18.08.1979
      FALL Room To Live 153A20 22.09.1982
      FALL Joker Hysterical Face 155B03 06.10.1982
      FALL Frightened 222A19 14.01.1984
      FALL Fit And Working Again 81A17 03.05.1981
      FALL New Puritans 206A50 24.09.1983
      FALL Dice Man 9A62 01.12.1979
      FALL How I Wrote Elastic Man 267B28 24.02.1985
      FALL New Face In Hell 238A31 09.05.1984
      FALL Jawbone And The Air-Rifle 196B38 20.07.1983
      FALL Just Step 127A29 21.03.1982
      FALL The Container Drivers (Live) 223A51 25.01.1984
      FALL How I Wrote Elastic Man 43B58 09.08.1980
      FALL Smile 208B32 12.10.1983
      FALL Just Step Sideways 292B29 22.02.1986
      FALL In My Area 235A19 18.04.1984
      FALL Look, Know 168A10 05.01.1983
      FALL Hotel Blöedel 208B02 12.10.1983
      FALL How I Wrote Elastic Man 171A40 23.01.1983
      FALL Neighbourhood Of Infinity 208A60 12.10.1983
      FALL U.S. 80`s - 90`s 308B02 05.10.1986
      FALL Ludd Gang 195A25 13.07.1983
      FALL Leave The Capital 266A39 03.02.1985
      FALL Muzorewi`s Daughter 9A12 01.12.1979
      FALL Leave The Capitol 163B59 01.12.1982
      FALL New Fiend 256B41 23.09.1984
      FALL How I Wrote Elastic Man 139A20 16.06.1982
      FALL Eat Y`self Fitter 208A22 12.10.1983
      FALL Dktr. Faustus 308A50 27.09.1986
      FALL C'n'c-S Mithering 187B10 15.05.1983
      FALL How I Wrote Elastic Man 70A22 19.02.1981
      FALL Leave The Capitol 101B59 20.09.1981
      FALL Ludd Gang 197B15 27.07.1983
      FALL Elves (Mono) 255A50 16.09.1984
      FALL The Container Drivers 102A20 27.09.1981
      FALL The Classical 205A54 17.09.1983
      FALL The Dice Man 102A25 27.09.1981
      FALL Totally Wired 51A50 04.10.1980
      FALL Terry Waite Sez 308B49 05.10.1986
      FALL Impression Of J. Temperance 60B62 06.12.1980
      FALL Deer Park (Live) 281B40 09.09.1985
      FALL Muzorewi`s Daughter 184B18 24.04.1983
      FALL Draygo`s Guilt 259B58 05.11.1984
      FALL Look, Know 131A49 18.04.1982
      FALL Pat-Trip Dispenser 252B48 26.08.1984
      FALL Before The Moon Falls 7B60 10.11.1979
      FALL Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (Live) 229B60 03.03.1984
      FALL Hotel Blöedel 241B33 26.05.1984
      FALL Prole Art Threat (Live) 227B01 18.02.1984
      FALL Look, Know 202A30 27.08.1983
      FALL Marquis Cha Cha 161A20 14.11.1982
      FALL The Container Drivers 57A40 15.11.1980
      FALL Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (Live) 227B31 18.02.1984
      FALL Dktr. Faustus 310A15 31.10.1986
      FALL Detective Instinct 154A40 29.09.1982
      FALL Ludd Gang 191B20 12.06.1983
      FALL Room To Live (Live) 227A62 18.02.1984
      FALL Totally Wired 47B59 06.09.1980
      FALL It`s The New Thing 108B61 12.11.1981
      FALL Fit And Working Again 92A50 19.07.1981
      FALL Craigness 258A51 14.10.1984
      FALL Pay Your Rates 57B31 15.11.1980
      FALL I Feel Voxish 218A58 21.12.1983
      FALL Smile 230B09 14.03.1984
      FALL Gut Of The Quantifier 282A01 16.09.1985
      FALL How I Wrote Elastic Man 40A01 19.07.1980
      FALL Slates, Slags Etc. 85B37 04.06.1981
      FALL U.S. 80`s - 90`s 310B08 07.11.1986
      FALL Rowche Rumble 2B51 01.09.1979
      FALL I`m Into CB 131B12 18.04.1982
      FALL I`m Into The C.B. 271A39 14.04.1985
      FALL Rawche Rumble (Live) 183A49 17.04.1983
      FALL The Classical 125A22 07.03.1982
      FALL Couldn`t Get Ahead 276A59 23.06.1985
      FALL Psykick Dancehall 7B17 10.11.1979
      FALL Oh Brother 242B51 02.06.1984
      FALL Underground Medecin 41A41 31.07.1980
      FALL Eat Y`self Fitter 214B41 19.11.1983
      FALL Hip Priest 126A58 14.03.1982
      FALL Smile 213B53 12.11.1983
      FALL C.r.e.e.p. 252A59 26.08.1984
      FALL Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (Live) 174A61 16.02.1983
      FALL The Man Whose Head Expanded 192A34 19.06.1983
      FALL Fit And Working Again 120B18 31.01.1982
      FALL Lie Dreams Of A Casino Soul 112A01 06.12.1981
      FALL Mithering 65A42 11.01.1981
      FALL Oh Brothers (Disco Mix) 242A51 02.06.1984
      FALL Rollin` Dany 276A01 23.06.1985
      FALL Mere Pseud Mag. Ed. (Live) 227B66 18.02.1984
      FALL Entitled 306B26 06.09.1986
      FALL Fantastic Life 114B33 20.12.1981
      FALL The Container Drivers 206A20 24.09.1983
      FALL Jawbone And The Air-Rifle 129B51 04.04.1982
      FALL Printhead 7B39 10.11.1979
      FALL Fantastic Life 109A40 15.11.1981
      FALL The N.W.R.A. 66B50 18.01.1981
      FALL Rollin` Dany 276B51 01.07.1985
      FALL Repetition 280A28 19.08.1985
      FALL British Grenadiers 309B35 19.10.1986
      FALL The Classical (Live) 227A41 18.02.1984
      FALL Totally Wired 63A33 27.12.1980
      FALL Elves 258B50 21.10.1984
      FALL Living Too Late 303A03 23.07.1986
      FALL The Container Drivers 76B61 29.03.1981
      FALL Your Heart Out 8A39 17.11.1979
      FALL Gross Chapel 309B31 19.10.1986
      FALL Mr. Pharmacist 306A12 30.08.1986
      FALL Paintwork 286A50 16.11.1985
      FALL Look, Know 137B63 02.06.1982
      FALL Marquis Cha Cha 153B39 22.09.1982
      FALL Last Orders (Live) 269B53 24.03.1985
      FALL Psycho Mafia 72A63 01.03.1981
      FALL Second Dark Age 67A40 25.01.1981
      FALL Deer Park (Live) 174B50 16.02.1983
      FALL Shoulder Pads 1 # 309A62 12.10.1986
      FALL Smile 210B50 22.10.1983
      FALL New Face In Hell 58B49 22.11.1980
      FALL Fiery Jack 192A67 19.06.1983
      FALL Pat-Trip Dispenser 254B23 09.09.1984
      FALL Jawbone And The Air-Rifle 125A59 07.03.1982
      FALL Spectre Vs. Rector 100A21 17.09.1981
      FALL Fantastic Life 185A58 01.05.1983
      FALL The Man Whose Head Expanded 191A09 12.06.1983
      FALL Look, Know! 270A41 31.03.1985
      FALL Mr. Pharmacist 306B62 06.09.1986
      FALL Lucifer Over Lancashire 306A48 30.08.1986
      FALL Rowche Rumble 251A40 19.08.1984
      FALL Tempo House (Live) 272A19 28.04.1985
      FALL Cary Grant`s Wedding 33B10 31.05.1980
      FALL What You Need 282A62 16.09.1985
      FALL Rebellious Jukebox 91A11 12.07.1981
      FALL My New House 282A38 16.09.1985
      FALL Totally Wired 50A01 27.09.1980
      FALL Fiery Jack 18B20 20.02.1980
      FALL No Bulb 259A01 28.10.1984
      FALL I Am Damo Suzuki 282B07 03.10.1985
      FALL The Container Drivers 58A58 22.11.1980
      FALL Smile 217A15 10.12.1983
      FALL The Man Whose Head Expanded (Live) 227A19 18.02.1984
      FALL How I Wrote Elastic Man 39B09 12.07.1980
      FALL Chicago Now 415B01 03.03.1990
      FALL Bournemouth Runner 320B28 22.03.1987
      FALL Sing! Harpy 414A03 24.02.1990
      FALL Eat Yourself Fitter 451A04 23.11.1990
      FALL Hey Luciano 320A46 15.03.1987
      FALL Hey! Student 607B03 16.04.1994
      FALL Shiftwork 475B01 24.05.1991
      FALL Bournemouth Runner 429A06 09.06.1990
      FALL Surmount All Obstacles 609B05 30.04.1994
      FALL Immortality 525A07 05.04.1992
      FALL Spoilt Victorian Child 327B21 03.07.1987
      FALL Realm Of Dusk 430B13 16.06.1990
      FALL Married, 2 Kids 524B09 28.03.1992
      FALL Guest Informant 536B13 23.08.1992
      FALL Hilary 415A09 03.03.1990
      FALL Ed's Babe 536A03 21.06.1992
      FALL Popcorn Double Feature 415A02 03.03.1990
      FALL Rose 505A08 03.01.1992
      FALL Solicitor in Studio 425B11 12.05.1990
      FALL Lucifer Over Lancashire (altern. Versi 533B14 31.05.1992
      FALL Hey Luciano 313B34 14.12.1986
      FALL Pumpkin Head Xcapes 536A11 21.06.1992
      FALL M5 wiki01 01.01.1994
      FALL Hey! Student 611A01 14.05.1994
      FALL Bill Is Dead 414B03 24.02.1990
      FALL Marcel Sinkus 324B31 22.05.1987
      FALL Mere Pseud Mag. Ed. 504B03 27.12.1991
      FALL Pumpkin Head Xcapes 537A03 28.06.1992
      FALL Immortality 522B04 14.03.1992
      FALL Happy Holiday wiki21 01.01.1994
      FALL A Day In The Life 413A58 17.02.1990
      FALL Extricate 417A05 17.03.1990
      FALL Free Ranger (New Version) 536B11 21.06.1992
      FALL Chicago Now 417B02 17.03.1990
      FALL Hey! Student 608A01 23.04.1994
      FALL I'm Frank 414A10 24.02.1990
      FALL Stephen Song 428A11 02.06.1990
      FALL Arms Control Poseur 416B05 10.03.1990
      FALL Arms Control Poseur wiki13 04.12.1993
      FALL The Knight, The Devil And Death 536B02 21.06.1992
      FALL Ed's Babe 540A13 18.07.1992
      FALL Don't Take The Pizza 454B06 14.12.1990
      FALL War 590A12 20.11.1993
      FALL How I Wrote Elastic Man 618B13 02.07.1994
      FALL Zagreb 440A02 31.08.1990
      FALL Your Heart Out 480A11 05.07.1991
      FALL Telephon Thing 410A01 27.01.1990
      FALL Sing! Harpy 519B11 22.02.1992
      FALL And Therein 416A04 10.03.1990
      FALL Bremen Nacht 476B02 31.05.1991
      FALL Shoulder Pads 1# 435B02 27.07.1990
      FALL Extricate 419B07 31.03.1990
      FALL 15 Ways 607A06 16.04.1994
      FALL Life Just Bounces 440B11 31.08.1990
      FALL Free Range 521A01 07.03.1992
      FALL Two-Face! 522B09 14.03.1992
      FALL Behind The Counter 591B03 27.11.1993
      FALL Life Just Bounces 438A13 17.08.1990
      FALL Blood Outta Stone 437A08 10.08.1990
      FALL Behind The Counter 592B02 18.12.1993
      FALL Black Monk Theme Part 1 414B12 24.02.1990
      FALL The War Against Intelligence 617B12 25.06.1994
      FALL M5 591A04 27.11.1993
      FALL I'm Into CB 407A42 06.01.1990
      FALL Happy Holiday 591A09 27.11.1993
      FALL A Lot Of Wind 600A09 26.02.1994
      FALL A Day In The Life (Sgt Pepper Knew My 534B13 09.08.1992
      FALL Shut Up! 610B07 07.05.1994
      FALL Cash 'n' Carry 531A06 17.05.1992
      FALL Zagreb 438B04 17.08.1990
      FALL Lay Of The Land 534B12 07.06.1992
      FALL Xmas With Simon 455A04 21.12.1990
      FALL From: White Lightning 439A02 24.08.1990
      FALL High Tension Line 455A13 21.12.1990
      FALL Junk Man 613B04 28.05.1994
      FALL Return 521A10 07.03.1992
      FALL Arid Al's Dream 538B03 04.07.1992
      FALL Eat Y`self Fitter 323A01 01.05.1987
      FALL Return 522B13 14.03.1992
      FALL Just Waiting 523A01 21.03.1992
      FALL The Reckoning 609A04 30.04.1994
      FALL Totally Wired 530A01 10.05.1992
      FALL Hilary 419A01 31.03.1990
      FALL There Is A Ghost In My House 323B01 08.05.1987
      FALL Ed's Babe 538A02 04.07.1992
      FALL ... 327A55 26.06.1987
      FALL Sing! Harpy 418B14 24.03.1990
      FALL Everything Hurtz 523B05 21.03.1992
      FALL Totally Wired (Live N.Y.C.) 319A20 01.03.1987
      FALL Ed's Babe 537B08 28.06.1992
      FALL Room To Live 631A13 01.10.1994
      FALL So Called Dangerous 521B14 07.03.1992
      FALL Don't Take The Pizza 455B10 21.12.1990
      FALL Xmas With Simon 454B05 14.12.1990
      FALL In My Area 434A15 20.07.1990
      FALL The Littlest Rebel 415B09 03.03.1990
      FALL High Tension Line 508B12 24.01.1992
      FALL Everything Hurtz 521B04 07.03.1992
      FALL White Lightning 437B01 10.08.1990
      FALL Fit And Working Again 448A08 02.11.1990
      FALL Container Driver 481A05 12.07.1991
      FALL The Birming School of Business School 522A02 14.03.1992
      FALL Sandra 433A08 13.07.1990
      FALL Time Enough at Last 522A10 14.03.1992
      FALL Just Step S'ways 502A13 13.12.1991
      FALL Bill Is Dead 508A13 24.01.1992
      FALL Don't Take The Pizza 456A01 28.12.1990
      FALL British People in Hot Whether 441B07 07.09.1990
      FALL Glam-Racket wiki17 10.04.1993
      FALL 2nd Dark Age 542B13 11.10.1992
      FALL No Xmas For John Quays 569A14 19.06.1993
      FALL In These Times (Live, CD) 381A27 12.07.1989
      FALL The Birmingham School of Business Scho 552B06 10.01.1993
      FALL Junk Man 612B06 21.05.1994
      FALL So What About It? 466A04 22.03.1991
      FALL I'm Into C.B. 543A09 18.10.1992
      FALL Totally Wired 603A05 19.03.1994
      FALL Containers Driver 392A69 23.09.1989
      FALL Sinister Waltz 473B05 10.05.1991
      FALL The Book Of Lies 471B14 26.04.1991
      FALL A Day In The Life 344A05 20.02.1988
      FALL Rose 467B14 29.03.1991
      FALL Arms Control Poseur 551A13 03.01.1993
      FALL In These Times 577A03 21.08.1993
      FALL Put Away 488A06 30.08.1991
      FALL A Lot of Wind 467B09 29.03.1991
      FALL Ladybird (Green Grass) 563A02 01.05.1993
      FALL High Tension Line 457B01 04.01.1991
      FALL Australians In Europ 336A02 01.11.1987
      FALL Bremen Nacht 345A57 05.03.1988
      FALL Shoulder Pads 352B29 25.06.1988
      FALL The Legend Of Xanadu 562A11 21.03.1993
      FALL Fit And Working Again 367A01 14.01.1989
      FALL Impression Of J. Temperance 575B08 07.08.1993
      FALL Hit The North 336B58 08.11.1987
      FALL Edinburgh Man 471A11 26.04.1991
      FALL Auto Tech Pilot 624A11 13.08.1994
      FALL Dead Beat Descendant (Live) 379A18 28.06.1989
      FALL High Tension Line 454B04 14.12.1990
      FALL Cf. 345B61 345B00 12.03.1988
      FALL A Day In The Life 344B30 27.02.1988
      FALL Gut Of The Quantifier 562B11 21.03.1993
      FALL Pay Your Rates (Live) 379A64 28.06.1989
      FALL Look Know 622B10 30.07.1994
      FALL Lost In Music wiki01 10.04.1993
      FALL Carry Bag Man 576A06 14.08.1993
      FALL The Carry Bag Man 345A20 05.03.1988
      FALL Pay Your Rates (Live) 380B24 01.07.1989
      FALL Kicker Conspiracy 629A09 17.09.1994
      FALL Idiot Joy Showland 466A09 22.03.1991
      FALL Ed's Babe 553B07 17.01.1993
      FALL Guest Informant 342B29 30.01.1988
      FALL Mother-Sister! 567A11 29.05.1993
      FALL Shiftwork 467A08 29.03.1991
      FALL So What About It? 473B10 10.05.1991
      FALL The League of Bald-Headed Men 564B08 08.05.1993
      FALL Wrong Place Right Time 361A10 08.11.1988
      FALL Shoulder Pads 459B15 25.01.1991
      FALL Telephone Thing 621B12 23.07.1994
      FALL A Lot of Wind 472A05 03.05.1991
      FALL Pittsville Direkt 471B05 26.04.1991
      FALL Everything Hurtz 566B07 22.05.1993
      FALL Symbol Of Mordgan 610A11 07.05.1994
      FALL Tempo House (Live) 332B50 13.09.1987
      FALL New Big Prinz 360B01 29.10.1988
      FALL Smile (Live) 332B53 13.09.1987
      FALL Twister 342A28 23.01.1988
      FALL Pittsville Direkt 466B07 22.03.1991
      FALL The War Against Intelligence 467A01 29.03.1991
      FALL The Book Of Lies 466B11 22.03.1991
      FALL So What About It? 472B11 03.05.1991
      FALL Mr. Pharmacist 358B56 01.10.1988
      FALL Lucifer Over Lancashire 460B09 08.02.1991
      FALL Hit The North 544B07 25.10.1992
      FALL El-Al (Live) 383B53 22.07.1989
      FALL You Haven't Found It Yet 467B02 29.03.1991
      FALL Blood Out Of Stone 550B04 20.12.1992
      FALL How I Wrote Elastic Man 343A48 07.02.1988
      FALL High Tension Line 458B07 11.01.1991
      FALL Rowche Rumble 474B06 17.05.1991
      FALL Smile 586A07 23.10.1993
      FALL Cab It Up! 362A01 19.11.1988
      FALL A Past Gone Mad 563A13 01.05.1993
      FALL Auto Tech Pilot 578B11 28.08.1993
      FALL Yes, O Yes 545B07 01.11.1992
      FALL Edinburgh Man 466B01 22.03.1991
      FALL League Moon Monkey Mix 563B09 01.05.1993
      FALL So What About It? 489A14 06.09.1991
      FALL From: The Infotainment Scan 564A01 08.05.1993
      FALL Eat Y'self Fitter 585B14 16.10.1993
      FALL Frightened 567B02 29.05.1993
      FALL Cab It Up 386B32 12.08.1989
      FALL Bremer Nacht 341A25 10.01.1988
      FALL A New Face In Hell 483B01 26.07.1991
      FALL Victoria 347B38 09.04.1988
      FALL Lucifer Over Lancashire 351A40 04.06.1988
      FALL Kimble 557B12 14.02.1993
      FALL The Steak Place 575A07 07.08.1993
      FALL So What About It? 491A08 27.09.1991
      FALL C'n'C Hassle Schmuck 560B06 07.03.1993
      FALL New Face In Hell 620B10 16.07.1994
      FALL Arid Al's Dream 539B09 13.09.1992
      FALL That Man 470A10 19.04.1991
      FALL Ghost In My House 373A38 05.04.1989
      FALL City Dweller 610A07 07.05.1994
      FALL Kimble 561A05 14.03.1993
      FALL Flat of Angles 482B04 19.07.1991
      FALL Legend Of Xanadu 558A07 21.02.1993
      FALL Kimble 559A07 28.02.1993
      FALL Muzorewi`s Daughter 370A29 25.02.1989
      FALL The Book of Lies 470B01 19.04.1991
      FALL Cap It Up!

      463B11 01.03.1991
      FALL Xmas With Simon 457A01 04.01.1991
      FALL City Hobgoblins 581A11 18.09.1993
      FALL Middle Class Revolt 612B15 21.05.1994
      FALL Wings 339A60 13.12.1987
      FALL Pay Your Rates 556B13 07.02.1993
      FALL Underground Medicine 574A07 24.07.1993
      FALL Shiftwork 470A01 19.04.1991
      FALL Shift-Work 471A01 26.04.1991
      FALL War 588A08 06.11.1993
      FALL Kicker Conspiracy 339B28 20.12.1987
      FALL You Haven't Found It Yet 470B14 19.04.1991
      FALL Roam Of Dust 373B47 12.04.1989
      FALL Ludd Gang 582A14 25.09.1993
      FALL Get A Hotel 346B46 26.03.1988
      FALL Oswald Defence Lawyer 346A01 19.03.1988
      FALL From: 1978 Peel Sessions 602A06 12.03.1994
      FALL A Lot Of Wind 469A11 12.04.1991
      FALL Fiery Jack 540B08 27.09.1992
      FALL Hit The North 396A62 21.10.1989
      FALL Athlete Cured 345B61 12.03.1988
      FALL Hit The North Part 4 337B52 22.11.1987
      FALL In These Times 345B37 12.03.1988
      FALL Spoilt Victorian Childe 561B12 14.03.1993
      FALL No XMas For John Key (P.S.) 330A55 07.08.1987
      FALL Prole Art Threat 340B09 01.01.1988
      FALL Container Drivers 351A60 04.06.1988
      FALL Gramme Friday 555B05 31.01.1993
      FALL Temple House 579B10 04.09.1993
      FALL FEAT. GAVIN FRIDAY Call For Escape Route 537B05 30.08.1992
      FALSE LIBERTY (USA) Disciples Of Stupidity 318B42 22.02.1987

      Edit: Test geglückt. ;-)
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